Sagittarius, Pisces are ruled by Jupiter.


In an astrology chart, Jupiter gives information about what is given the most value, as well as human values such as belief, philosophy, justice, trust and forgiveness, as well as worldly values such as finance, higher education, luck, and wealth. Jupiter in the astrological chart, in which angular contact with the planets, the map owner tends to make a philosophy in the subjects that those planets represent. Jupiter - Mars angles tell us that religion will be fought for justice, while Jupiter - Saturn angles bring experiences and opportunities in finance and responsibility. The maps, which have the emphasis on Jupiter, have shadowy aspects such as beliefs, expressing beliefs, wisdom, justice, finance, law, foreign, foreigners, distant voyages, philosophy, astrology. He completes his tour around the sun in 12 years. Each sign stays one year and goes back once a year for 4 months.


Jupiter's map of the horoscope, house and angles; expressing the meaning of life, where we are free and happy to express the issues of life, growth, enlargement, shows that we are able to obtain welfare. The challenging angles of Jupiter are the exaggeration, laziness, or beliefs that we have to give in the subjects that we represent, and that we will endeavor to find places where we can be forced because of our principles, finance, belief, ethics and the meaning of life.


Liver, pancreas, tumors, hips, arteries, leg vascular diseases, cramps, sciatica, sperm, the heart in connection with the Sun also manages.

Jupiter in Houses