Aries, Scorpio are ruled by Mars.


He completes his tour around the sun in 22 months (687 days). Each bastion remains on average for 2 months and goes back 80 days, every two years. Mars shows the map owner's ability to act, battle and defense, combat, courage, anger, perseverance, determination and self-disclosure, energy and risk taking. The house on which Mars is located shows the area in which the energy will be consumed, and the field of struggle, war and power use. Mars describes the way in which the map represents the person or event that the map moves to action. In the actions, courage, determination, survival, muscle strength and physical endurance, how actions are put out, how to fight inside and outside, as well as impatience, impulsive - instinctual violence.


When Mars is in strong settlement, energy can be used healthy and stable, we can defend our rights, compete and struggle. In the unfavorable settlement of Mars, we can have problems in realizing all these things. We may be passive or act aggressively or aggressively in matters such as taking action, taking risks, and using the will in a conscious manner. In a woman's map, Mars gives information about what kind of a man she likes and how she relates to men.


It gives information about muscles, infections, infectious diseases, blood - red blood cells, gall bladder, male sexual organ diseases, migraines, wounds and burns.

Mars in Houses