Gemini, Virgo are ruled by Mercury.


Astrological map within Mercury, rational mind, questioning ability, curiosity, ideas, communication, education, book-writing, verbal-written expression, problem solving, intelligence, knowledge and document, manual skills, siblings, movement, short trips, shopping, trade represents the contract and the decisions taken. The house where Mercury, which basically tells the mind of the owner of the map, gives information about the thoughts, the areas of life and how the owner of the map expresses itself. In terms of the themes of the horoscope and its planets, the owner of the map wants to talk, learn and learn. Mercury is the mode of logic, perception, knowledge and special communication. Therefore, from map to map, from man to person, the ability to reason and reasoning changes. It takes the character of the planet close to it. Mercury, Saturn and energy in conjunction; While working with Venus, she will work on harmony, cooperation, art, pleasure and partnerships. The nature of the angles of Mercury determines the nature of the mind, whether it is under pressure, and the way of interconnection, events and information. On average, it changes the horoscope every 15 days and goes back three times a year. Mercury's retro times are the times when Mercury's energy is not used actively, but rather it is time to solve the problems of the previously unfinished subjects, to complete the necessary mental and methodical changes.


Mercury represents the way he communicates with thoughts and thoughts. The map owner is as mobile as the astronomical map, since it is the Mercury that established and communicated the connection. Since Gemini and Virgo are the variable-quality bushes, Mercury determines the adaptation and problem-solving capacity to the changing and evolving conditions.


He manages arms, hands, shoulders, lungs, abdominal network of nerves, abdomen, intestines, thymus, nervous system and respiratory system.

Mercury in Houses