Mercury in Cancer

Cancer is ruled by Moon. It is Water element, Cardinal and Reactive.


It is a period in which decisions are made according to emotional sensitivity and priorities. Therefore, personal sensitivities should be taken into consideration in communication and relations. Issues related to the past, family, homeland, protecting, nurturing and protecting people with emotional ties may come up. Action can be taken to establish a home and family. In the living environment, new arrangements, repairs and relocations can be made in the houses. It is also a great time for family, hometown visits and short trips.


Communication language and mental aspects; sensitive, emotional, family, past, subjective values that give importance to traditional values. Issues related to the past, family, homeland, caring for people with emotional ties, feeding and feeding, protection have an important place in their lives. Although they find themselves mentally and objectively mentally, they may find it difficult to remain neutral when interpreting events according to personal subconscious, emotional needs and priorities. Memory is very strong. While emotions can be expressed well, they may be able to translate into writing and poetry and voice. They can intuitively feel the needs of those close to them with their instincts of protection and take responsibility for their families and the people they empathize to solve problems.