Mercury in Taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus. It is Earth element, Fixed and Reactive.


It is a period in which thought and communication is realistic, cautious, fixed-minded and material security comes to the forefront. While Mercury is in Taurus, directed by Venus, which symbolizes values, thoughts develop on the tastes of life, comfort and material issues. To be safe, you need to have material values. There is patience and high concentration in thoughts. Spending time in nature, planting and planting, desserts and meals, education on these subjects, books and travel opportunities can be used in this period. It is a suitable period for real estate trading and artistic investments. Attention should be paid to persistence in communication and decisions, against materialist ideas that overdose. When Mercury is in Taurus, it is time to experience patience, trust and the tastes of life.


There is a structure in communication language and mentally self-indulgent, patient, cautious and capable of financial matters. Growing, developing, being in financial security is very important for them. They do not have herpes ideas, they take care to protect the conditions they have. They stay away from risk. They do not change decisions unless they are sure that the change will benefit them to protect their value. They make difficult decisions and they do not turn away from them. They give importance to the pleasures of life, beauties and comfort. It is very important for them to evaluate the money. In addition to the risk of being stubborn and hard-minded, they are basically people who produce common sense and practical benefits. They are inherently skilled in finance, trading and trading. They are good with animals in nature, they are animal lovers. They like to deal with flowers, vineyards and gardening. Excessions in the desire for financial trust can lead them to become materialists. They should learn to take risks and stretch.