Mercury in Virgo

Virgo is ruled by Mercury. It is Earth element, Mutable and Reactive.


In thought and communication; It is the period of focusing on order and service with a critical approach. It takes action with the logic of finding fault, editing and making it useful. This is a good time to complete what we have been postponing for a long time. Necessary arrangements can be made for home, education, workplace and daily life. It is a period that should be taken into consideration against opportunism in communication, utilitarianism, excessive criticism and the risks of losing what is in search of perfect.


Communication language and mental aspects; realist, perfectionist, analytical, practical, planned, taking into account the details. With their realistic and finishing thinking, they take action in order to solve possible problems in the most practical way, bring order and benefit, and produce tangible solutions. While finding critical aspects and correcting the system, he is not satisfied and tries to do better. Way of thinking; it is logical rather than artistic, emotional, and is intended to distinguish what is useful and what is not. They are focused on serving with their ideas and skills for methodical and problem solving. Materialist attitudes can be seen if they are overloaded in providing benefits. Getting lost in details can cause you not to see the whole. Excessive perfectionism can lead to delays and escape of opportunities.