Cancer is ruled by Moon.


In the astrological map, the Moon and the home where the moon is located, emotions, subconscious, mother, home, family, women, subjective side, sensitivities, represent the fragile - fragile aspects. It shows how the owner of the map is fed and feeds others, feeling safe, a sense of belonging, innate temperament, desires and basic needs. The planets and angles that the Moon makes angles tell the map's primary needs in life, how spiritual and emotional. What are the most important needs, in what field of life they need to be, how they feel secure or what is the reason for their insecurity, the answer to all of these shows the connections of the Moon on the map. It focuses on the subjects that are symbolized by Ay sign. In addition, in which phase the Moon is important: Subjectivity, beginnings and quests in the New Moon phase, objectivity in the full moon phase - the desire to be conscious growth and success, and the question of social awareness and the rules of society in the last Quadrant phase, idealistic approaches may come into question. 12 completes his journey in the horoscope and around the Earth on an average of 28 days. It stays about 2.5 degrees a day while staying in a tower for 2.5 days.


The moon is the fastest moving celestial body; therefore, the area in which the person is located is the most irregular in the map and the area in which he / she experiences variability is in the subjects of the house where the Moon is located. This situation may enable the owner of the map to improve his / her personal development in the future. The instinctual reactions given to the events in a sudden and unaware result from the Moon. The innate virtue and character differ from person to person according to whether the planets in which the moon is in contact are in good condition. According to the angle of the moon, we give our emotional reactions, while we are more comfortable in expressing ourselves in positive angles, we can give inward or aggressive reactions in negative angles. Looking at the angles of the month, whether the angle is positive or not; Moon - Sun angle; The balance between subconscious and consciousness gives information about emotions and logic, support from parents and authority figures, objective - subjective aspects and will. Moon - Mercury angle; It gives information about emotion - logic balance, memory and intuition, variable emotions and ideas, communication style and manual skills. Moon - Venus angle; Provides information on the need for romance, comfort, harmony, balance, relationship and cooperation. Moon - Mars angle; It gives information about the need for action, emotional conflicts and defense needs for security, protection and feeding. Moon - Jupiter angle; Faith, justice, conscience, philosophical and moral need, exaggerated emotions and approaches give information about how to be happy and how to live in life. Moon - Saturn angle; Emotional responsibilities related to the home and family provide information about how the owner needs to organize his life and life, the need for seriousness and responsibility.

Moon in Houses