Moon in Taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus. It is Earth element, Fixed and Reactive.


Rather than taking risks and fighting, with the need for material and moral trust, attempts can be made to add comfort and peace to our lives. Nature, garden, aesthetic arrangements can be made, plenty of calorie and delicious food can be tried. The risks of the Moon's transit in Taurus are the tendency to laziness and the increase in appetite. Ear, neck, throat, tonsils are sensitive days for those who have problems. Risk-free startings can be made with trusted persons. This is the right time to start permanent jobs that require patience and durability.


They are calm and compassionate, proud people. Their bodies are strong. They are financially assured and a comfortable life is very important for them. There is a risk of over-emphasis on physical and emotional pleasures, and excessive overload of material comfort. Since they do not like to take risks, they measure and reap well when starting a business. They are nutritious and protective. They avoid changing their habits and want to continue what they started in spite of everything. The feelings of ownership and stubbornness can cause problems from time to time. They care about family ties and take action to defend their personal and family security when they are in danger. They have a natural knowledge and skill in nature, flowers, animals, food, delicacies, trading, real estate and values.