Moon in Virgo

Virgo is ruled by Mercury. It is Earth element, Mutable and Reactive.


The basic need in this period is regulation, analysis, putting it into shape, and taking action to solve something in a practical way. Critical dose should be well adjusted and attention should be paid to the details. Emotions may remain in the background when trying to capture details. Making home and office arrangements, starting new projects, bringing order to daily life is a suitable time for treatments, pets.


They are the people who find solutions in the most practical way, who love to serve, who are responsible, who want to order things. Not to miss the perfectionist aspects and details makes them the sought-after people. They are organized and planned. Finding mistakes quickly, overheating in rigor and criticism can lead to misunderstandings. They are critical not only to others but also to themselves. They do not want to be ahead, but they have a high sense of service, problem solving and purpose. Sometimes they can be workaholic. They can easily overcome jobs that others are afraid to do with their problem-solving skills. They think about their health as well as the health of others and enjoy the routine.