Neptune is not ruling any sign.


Neptune; It symbolizes ideals, inspiration, imagination, dreams, beyond borders, the unknown. Shows the owner's sacrifice, delusion, creativity, intuition, empathy ability. Neptune is a master of illusion. Where Neptune touches, the boundaries can become invisible, just as there is a fog around. It can move the map owner away from the facts with the effect of distributing and solving solid boundaries. So it is one of the most difficult planets to understand. On the map, Neptune, which has a challenging angle and is in an effective house, does not make it difficult to realize what it represents, but it may be difficult to use these aspects in a balanced way. One can return to his / her inner world, move away from society, have no boundaries, struggle to cope with the realities of life, and can become obsessed with addictions like alcohol and drugs. Neptune can drag the map owner into overly devoted roles that are deceived or deceived, sacrificed or sacrificed. Neptune is in a good position on the map, where the house, where inspiration and creativity are used, shows the area where the most important things come spontaneously. The cycle around the sun completes in 164 years and remains in a tower for about 14 years. Once a year, we travel back for about 5 months.


Gives information about the owner, his feet, undiagnosed diseases, visual and auditory abilities, spinal cord nerves and pineal gland.

Neptune in Houses