Pars Fortuna

Pars Fortuna is not ruling any sign.


It shows the most enjoyable and happy point on the astrological chart and how it can be achieved. We can also say that it shows one of the most precious point in astrological chart.

Pars Fortuna is not a physical object in the sky. It is calculated by the Sun, Moon and Ascendant positions on the astrological chart. The Sun shows the area and the area of the conscious energy, the person or the event as the brightest energy point of the map. The moon shows the area of realization of unconscious energy, emotional orientation in a person or in an event horoscope.

The chances of these two major energy points on the astrological chart, with their distance from the Ascending line, which the chart expresses itself, represent the area where these three important points can feel good together. Therefore, for the Pars Fortuna, we can say that the energies on the map can be felt the best, the most positive and the most successful for the person or the event.

It is the point where the Pars Fortuna is located, the owner of the map or the person who will reach the pleasant and successful position in the map, and the house in which it is located indicates the realization of the life in this field.


In Greek mythology, goddess Tyche, represents luck, fortune and unexpected success. According to mythology, Tyche is daughter of Zeus. In the vast territory of the ancient Greek civilization and the Roman Empire, statues were found for Tyche.

In her depictions, the crown is used in his head and the fruits in the crown. At the same time the wings and wheel are other used figures.

Her name in Roman mythology is Fortuna.


The sign and the house where the Pars Fortuna is located shows the place and method where the person is precious on the map. It symbolizes welfare and, if one's Pars Fortuna is in good condition, provides better living conditions by supporting the relationship between his own life and the physical, social world.

The properties of the home and the sign where the Pars Fortuna is located indicate where the earning issues will originate. However, the Pars Fortuna for material well-being and good living conditions is not the only indicator, other positions on the map will need to be examined. In order to better understand the status of the Pars Fortuna, the position of the manager of the sign should be looked at, and the positions of the houses on the second and 10th and the managers of those houses should be considered.

Pars Fortuna in Houses