Pluto is not ruling any sign.


Even though he sometimes chooses hidden hatches for himself, Pluto's influence in our lives is wide-ranging and transformative. The most beautiful and most beautiful examples are Hitler and Gandhi, and both men have an imaginative appearance that is embodied in the physical reality. Both have a mission, a sense of destiny, but one of them caused a massive destruction, while the other led to the awareness of a large mass. Pluto also affects our personal lives in the same way. Pluto destroys our habits and belief systems, that is, all the structures that Saturn has helped us to build, and thus force us to continue on our way through the ruins or to remain in the dust of the dust of the ruins. Pluto, discovered in 1930, is the most distant planet to the Sun. We are navigating the boundaries of our solar system; The light is so uncertain that it is considered to be etheric. It takes 248 years to complete your zodiac tour. A popular astrology theory says that just like Uranus and Neptune, Pluto has not been discovered until humanity has evolved to understand its energy. With the help of Pluto, beyond our individual existence, we reach the bigger one. It becomes the collective consciousness with its hypnotizing horror and tremendous beauty. Since the discovery of Pluto, it has only been observed on Crab, Lion, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. In late autumn 1995, Pluto slowly entered Sagittarius. Due to this effect, its transformation has been vast and quite extensive; The collapse of the old paradigm and belief systems has accelerated.

Pluto in Houses