Capricorn, Aquarius are ruled by Saturn.


The cycle around the sun completes in 29 - 30 years. He remains in a sign for about 2.5 years. Once a year, I go back for 5 months. Saturn's home and horoscope on the astrological map can reveal delays and limitations in life. Demonstrates the need for discipline, responsibility and struggle in which field of life. When Saturn has one of the angles of compelling effect with other planets, it can create a lack of confidence. Saturn invites people to take responsibility and take responsibility for overcoming obstacles. Fears can be replaced by confidence by taking the necessary lessons from these compelling effects. Teaches the experience of what the map owner needs to develop. Gives information about the boundaries and rules of the game in physical reality. In a house where the map has good effects, in a horoscope of which it has positive effects, or if it has a strong angle, it can give a practical, cautious and strong external appearance.


Gives information about the host, skeletal system, bones, knees and teeth. Saturn is looked at for information on tendons and connective tissues, hair, skin, hereditary - genetic diseases and gall bladder.

Saturn in Houses