Leo is ruled by Sun.


The sun represents the personality and self of the human.


Provides versatile information about the map. In the most basic sense the Sun; It shows our heart, identity, ego, self-confidence, self-expression ability, leadership, life purpose, behavior patterns and personal orientations. The sun tells us what makes us unique to other people. Creativity, self, will power, the most developed field of personality, life force, purpose of life, how one expresses himself and self-confidence are related to the position of the Sun in the astrological chart. The heart of the map throws at the house where the Sun is. The house on which the Sun is on the map shows the individual focus on the subject and how to recognize the person. For example; In the 2nd house, which is the home of the sun, money, the person can be focused on making money and producing material and spiritual value. The horoscope of the Sun tells the subject, which focuses on life in which the symbol of the horoscope is reached. For example, the Sun in House 2 shows the signs of earning money by building, managing and building responsibility, which is one of the most powerful symbols of this sign in Capricorn on one's astrological chart. On the map, planets that make an angle to the Sun add their characteristics to the identity of the person depending on the type of the angle and inform them about the issues in which they can get support while realizing the purpose of life. For example; Sun - the positive angle of the moon, support from the mother, the mother received the Sun - the angle of the Mercury, intellectual issues, support in connection with the mind and the mind, siblings Sun - the angle of Venus, art, pleasure, material issues, support of the spouse, partner and co The support of the power of action and the struggle of the Sun - Jupiter positive angle, finance, overseas - foreigners, religion, law, philosophy, support from issues related to higher education The Sun - The positive angle of Saturn, with the support of authority take responsibility, manage, survive as a human express our will. The sun's relevance to the horoscope, the house and its contact with the planets of its angle affect the heart and the general health.

Sun in Houses