Uranus is not ruling any sign.


Uranus, the owner of the map, where the issues of the house, can bring surprises, unpleasant and unexpected surprises. The clutter frees the owner, changes the way he handles the work, and allows him to rack up the old one to make room for the new one. It also shows areas where the owner is unique, creative and unique. It represents the new inventions in technology, the most recent thoughts, personal, social reforms and developments that wash and free the old. Their changes suddenly appear, Uranus challenging traditional and obsolete subjects, captivity, the ongoing order. In astrological chart, Uranus's house and bastion, sudden awakening and sudden changes indicate. Where there is Uranus, there are revolts, challenges and fundamental changes to be emancipated. Saturn, rule, chaos and rule and discipline, Uranus creates chaos and chaos, breaking the rules, the future is focused. A team provides awakening and awareness with sudden events. The cycle around the sun completes in 84 years and remains in a sign for 7 years. Once a year, I go back for 5 months.


It gives information about the horoscope and house where Uranus is located in the astrological chart, the nervous system in the body, calves and unusual disorders.

Uranus in Houses