Taurus, Libra are ruled by Venus.


It completes its tour around the sun in 225 days. In a horoscope, the average remains 25 days and goes back every 18 months, 40 to 42 days. Venus describes the relationship of the owner with himself and with others, how the harmony, balance and cooperation are, what is his / her value, what he is looking for in social life, what he enjoys. Clothing style, music and dance, connection with nature and artistic talents can be read from Venus's location on the map. The fact that Venus is at ease in a sign, and that the map's lights, the Moon and the Sun, together with the other planets, positively lead to the positive development of the map holder. The planets that Venus makes angles tell us about which issues we will get support while ensuring cooperation and harmony in life. The positive aspect of Venus with Saturn describes the support from people who are mature, based on principles, and who are mature. Venus, from time to time in the process of ensuring the balance of relations and partnerships, too many transmitters, from time to time can also be too many buyers. In this case, we can get information from Saturn and Jupiter. Mars is the ruler of Venus and Taurus and Libra in front of the signs of Scorpio and Aries are ruled by Mars. Since Mars is a planet describing the struggle on its own, it is natural for struggles to achieve balance in both relations and material security issues. Venus; it needs to find balance, peace, and value, and a strong Venus in the relationship with the owner and others describes a healthy core value and healthy relationships. Contrary to Mercury, the maps that emphasize Venus have a tendency to partnership, beauty and artistic issues instead of tendency to intellectual - intellectual issues.


Venus shows the subject of art, talent, clothing and sisters subjects on the birth chart. Explains how we interact with other people one by one, how we express ourselves in romantic relationships or marriage. This planet also has an impact on material resources, capacity to win and spending habits. While a powerful Venus encourages them, Venus, with a poorly positioned or weak angle, can lead to laziness, impotence, vandalism and irregularity in relations. Venus on a man's map gives information about what kind of woman he likes and his relationship with women.


It manages the circulatory system of the neck, throat, thyroid gland, kidneys, ovaries, veins and dirty blood. The female shares her management on the genitals with the Moon.

Venus in Houses