Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. It is Air element, Fixed and Proactive.


Buckets are often pale, thinkers who hold individuality and freedom above all else. The tribal mentality is against their seed. They are uncomfortable with the restrictions imposed on them by society, never give up their search for their own ways. Aquarius is the sign of true genius because these people often have unique thinking skills. When they decide something, they cannot discourage their beliefs. This stubbornness is a sharp knife on both sides .; they can make them hold on to life or destroy them. When their stubbornness manifests itself in the form of small rebellion flags against social constraints, the energy that can be spent on better places is wasted. Although the basic characteristic of this Sun sign is compassion and compassion, the Buckets don't have much heart to their target. Their compassion and compassion are genuine, and are more than mindful of their minds. Because of the Uranus influence, they can also be attracted to a wide range of intellectual interests.

Planets in Aquarius