Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. It is Earth element, Cardinal and Reactive.


Capricorns are mostly dignified people who seem indifferent and who keep their emotions and personal circles under strict control. Even when they were younger, they had a mature attitude, as if they were born with a special core that only a few people could see. The Capricorn, symbol of this sign, represents the slow but steady and steady rise of the world in the world. They are easily influenced by the externally visible glory of success, but they are interested in the power they represent rather than the money itself. Just like Scorpio, Capricorns need to dominate all kingdoms in these areas, whether they are homes, working environments or professional areas of expertise. Like scorpions, they care about power and domination over other people, but they are more talented than those of the Scorpions. Capricorns are very good employees; diligent, efficient and disciplined. They are extremely uncomfortable with lazy people. Congenital common sense allows them to plan ahead and develop practical methods to achieve their goals. Mostly they reach the goal they put in their heads. In crowded environments, it is difficult to notice Capricorns. They are not striking in terms of their physical characteristics; But there are no silent dignities that are overlooked.

Planets in Capricorn