Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. It is Water element, Mutable and Reactive.


Fish must explore the world through their emotions. They feel so deeply that they often turn into a psychic sponge and begin to absorb the emotions of everyone around them. For this reason, they should choose their friends and colleagues carefully. The people of this sign generally have a magnificent imagination and tremendous creativity. They usually turn around art, theater and cinema in particular. They are so tightly locked in the thoughts of the people around them that they work as strong executives and managers in the business world. Fish need to be alone to be free from the emotions of people and return to their essence. They are easily affected by their environment. If they do not isolate themselves from their surroundings, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to separate their feelings from their own feelings. They may be a little grumpy, because they feel at the peaks of enthusiasm and what is happening in the bottomless wells of the feeling of helplessness. Love and romance are essential for most fish individuals. These allow him to fulfill his duties emotionally, Fish often feed on their lasting relationships.

Planets in Pisces