Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. It is Fire element, Mutable and Proactive.


These people look for the truth, tell the truth as they see it, they don't mind whether other people agree with them. In every plot, they see the whole picture, they don't bother to deal with simple and insignificant details. They are always outspoken and cannot understand why other people are not as dumb as themselves. After all, by them, what could be stored? In this sign, logic is the ruler. But the thought structures are different in many respects than in the polar anti-Sagittarius Gemini. The twins are interested in what is happening in the present space and time: the events and relationships in their life, and what cause-and-effect works, they want to know. However, a Sagittarius focuses on the future and the larger family, called humanity. The idea often includes animals and the belief that they all have the right to live freely. Despite the tendency of the arcs to logic, the ability to see the future that most of them usually have is mysterious. However, in order to make these skills work, they think that they need external tools such as tarot cards, astrology knowledge, star map, rune expansions. Most Sagittarius also reject astrology, relying solely on practical practice and intuitive intuition. They are in love with their freedom, they are disturbed by any restrictions. Their variability and optimism gives them a lot of friends, but only a few of these friends really know what is going through Sagittarius.

Planets in Sagittarius