Scorpio is ruled by Mars. It is Water element, Fixed and Reactive.


Scorpions have sarcastic and sarcastic temperament. Scorpions are willing, passionate and stubborn. They even try to impose their thoughts on others. The level of consciousness is not high enough Scorpions in this situation, such as persecution, sadism, or hostility, while high-level awareness of the scorpions, this feature, other people around the lives of the good and leads towards the beautiful. Scorpions don't fear anything. Whatever they do, they will be able to overcome the problem. There is a sincere curiosity or suspicion that makes them feel more compelled to investigate themselves in simple terms than they do in scorpions. They find hidden facts, seek out the meanings behind their appearance. Most of the scorpions are extremely powerful people, even if they are not aware. It is the psychic who have highly committed individuals, their rich inner worlds and their passionate relationships with metaphysics. Scorpions are the perfect elements of the working world: industrial and non-stop machines. They can specialize in foundations such as heritage law, funeral work, psychological counseling, supernatural matters, and foundations that are linked to the eighth house. Sometimes they are more passionate about their work than people they care about in their lives.

Planets in Scorpio